One-stop door-to-door service for international transportation by sea, air, railway and express; domestic  warehousing, truck and bulk cargo distribution.

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WHEAT INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. is an international logistics company of SHANGHAI TRI-CREATION IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD., which focuses on connecting China with the world. From sea and air transportation of ordinary goods to special projects, we provide professional services to customers and partners worldwide.

1. International marine transport and related intermodal transport

We are engaged in general cargo, dangerous goods and fresh frozen products. The modes of transportation include container, LCL, ocean-railway and land-sea combined transport. The terms of service include port-to-port or point-to-point, and we provide services of commercial insurance, import and export declaration, trade agency and other auxiliary services.

2. International air transport, sea-air and land-air combined transport

The market of air transport is broad. We provide customers or partners with a variety of high-quality and low-cost services and options.

3. International projects, large machinery, cars, luxury yachts, special cases and other transport services

Professional and scientific solutions are the focus of project logistics. Our knowledge and experience enable us to plan all reasonable itineraries in advance and prevent any possible problems, so as to ensure the safe and timely arrival of goods at a better price.

4. Warehousing, 3PL, trade support services

We provide all customers with warehousing, truck and bulk cargo distribution services in China, provide services of import and export agent for China Mainland and overseas trade, support of China e-commerce platform and consultation in all aspects of foreign trade.

Business Advantages:

The integration operation of import and export agent (“WORK FOR YOU” operation service), customs declaration and international logistics is our greater advantage in logistics field. The integration ability enables us to consider transportation not only from the perspective of international transportation, but also from the perspective of international trade and import and export customs clearance. By preparing and planning in advance, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of troubles, improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the overall cost. For example, we can apply for the import and export licenses in advance, rather than starting to handle it after the arrival of goods at the port. Because it will greatly prolong the time of customs clearance, increased the logistics costs, and even lead to goods withholding. For another example, when choosing the transportation mode, we consider not only the cost of transportation, but also the cost of customs clearance and delivery. And in this respect, integration operation can help us make a favourable choice.