Finance and Taxation

Registration of companies, Handling agentof import and export rights licenses, Assistance in applying for tax-refund  qualification, Handling agent of tax refund, Financial accounting, Financialconsultation.

Finance and Taxation
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For foreign trade customers, we can provide customers with one-stop services through the integration of third-party resources, such as registering companies, agent-handling import and export rights, assisting in applying for tax refund qualification, agent-handling tax refund, financial accounting, financial consultation, etc., so that our customers can do foreign trade without any worry by registering their own companies. Our company is one of the signing partners of Alibaba in finance and taxation, and we have rich experience in providing financial and tax services for export suppliers in We can help customers apply for tax refund qualification and assist customers in handling exceptional problems like export correspondence investigation of tax office, etc.

Business Advantages:

PROFESSIONAL - Our foreign trade finance staff have working experience of more than 10 years, and our professional financial ability can help you avoid unnecessary losses and provide you with reasonable financial advice.

COMPREHENSIVE - We can provide one-stop service ensure a great service experience for you, so that you do not have to run around, and your time is saved.